Foto: Street corner in Tempio

Street cornern Tempio, taly - Sardinia - Tempio

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L75020105 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Italy, Sardinia Island, Gallura, Tempio, cityscape, urban, town, downtown, Old Town historic district, small town, house, building, residental building, corner building corner house, facade, ashlar masonry, exterior rendering, granite, natural stone, showcase, retail shop, whitewash coat of paint, balcony, street, crossroad, sett paving, shadow, protection, shelter from sun, awning, sky, clouds, season autumn, built, cloudy, brick-built, cobbled, painted, massive of stone, peaceful, well-kept, autumnal, provincial, tranquil, shady, sunny, dominical, indigenous, colorful, Italian, Sardinian

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