Photos Sicily

Photos from Sicily - Landscape Photography of Sicily Island – Sicilian Images

The photographs of the Sicily Island contain also a greater part of Schwarz-Weiss photos. We show to you photos of this unique Sicilian landscape at the Mediterranean Sea with photos of the coast, of city and country and photographs of historical building and antique places. You see landscape photography of cities, coasts, ports, beaches from the volcano Etna to the Egadi Islands. Further more we show antique fortresses, temples and ruins of Greek-Roman settlements of the antiquity.

The photographs were made at following locations:

Trapani the ancient Drepanon, the streets of the oldest part of the city centre with indelible marks left on Trapani 's town planning and architectural styles by various civilizations and different skylines of the town, seen from the sea side.
Photos from the west tip of the town which jets out into the Mediterranean Sea in the shape of a sickle. The Ligny tower, an imposing watchtower built in 1761, stands on its extreme tip and now houses the Museum of Prehistory.
Photos from the harbour and the surroundings the saltpans of Paceco near Trapani, photographs from the old cemetery and the Castello di Mare "Colombaia"

Photographs over the roofs of Trapani, with the domes of the churches del Purgatorio and S. Francesco d'Assisi in evening light and the salt pans near Stagnone. Photos between Mount Erice and the Egadi Islands at sunset and sunrise, from the slopes of Mount Erice over the partly built town on a narrow peninsula, photos from the town which stretching into the Mediterranean, a view over the Egadi archipelago with the island Favignana in the background.

Val di Mazara
Photographs of the country inside, photos of vineyards, melon fields and of olive groves, rural architecture, stables, ruins and goat herds, impressions of the Sicilian mountain landscape.

Monte Cofano
Photographs of different views of the Monte Cofano, photographs from the mountain Cofano seen from the Monte Sparaggio, the mountain with the Gulf of Cofano.

Photographs, cityscapes and the cathedral Chiesa Madre.

San Vito
The picturesque small town San Vito lo Capo, port with harbour, lighthouse and mole, photographs of the sandy bathing-beach.

Erice (Monte San Giuliano) seen from Torre Lighy, view of the Gulf of Bonagia from Monte San Giuliano. On the top of Mount San Giuliano lies the town of Erice.
The streets of Erice, photos of the Norman castle, the Spanish quarter and the cathedral (dated 1314), which has maintained its original 12th-century Gothic, photos from the bell tower and different churches.

Photographs of the volcano Etna and the surrounding area.

Photos of Favignana, the biggest island of the Egadi Islands, photographs of the rocky coast and of the port Favignana.

Photographs of the ruins of the acropolis and a number of tumbledown temples, a city which was founded by Greek colonists on the east coast of Sicily between 650 and 630 BC.

Segesta is an abandoned ancient city located in the province of Trapani, traditionally called a Trojan colony with photos of this large archeologically zone, with its magnificent amphitheatre.

Catania, city, southern Italy, capital of Catania Province, on the eastern coast of Sicily, at the base of Mount Etna. Catania contains numerous architectural remains of ancient times. Photographs of the oldest part of the city, architectural styl of churches and residental houses, with the Pza C. Alberto and Pza del Duomo.

- Piedimonte Etneo:
Photographs of the places, churches, streets and the views onto the Mediterranean Sea, places with the best view on the Sicilian coast and the Gulf of Catania.

Photos from the south-eastern corner of Sicily on the Ionian coast, Siracusa ( Syracuse) was built on an ancient Greek settlement, photos from Ortegia, the older quarter, an island. Photographs of the ancient sights of Syracuse mainly arose in Ortegia. Photos of the market in Ortegia with its people, photographs of Sicilians, vendors and visitors of the market. Photographs from the ruins of the Euralio Castle, built by the Greeks in the 4th century BC.
Fotos of the port, photographs of the bank promenade of Ortegia, photos of the sea wall with the Ponte Nuovo, or "New Bridge."