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Photos from Sinai – Photo of Egypt – Desert Landscape Photography and Red Sea Images

Here we present artistic landscape photography, photographs from Egypt, pretentious photography and photo art to the landscape of the Sinai Peninsula. We show you unique professional photographs, landscape photography of the Sinai with its deserts and oases, palm trees, beaches, mountain ranges and the tremendous extension of an old temple building the Egyptian Pharaoh. You see a rough rocky coast with white dream beaches where the mountains reach to the Red Sea. You see photos of the coast of the Red Sea, photographs of Bedouin in the desert and an overwhelming sunrise on the Mount Sinai. The photos remind of the Old-Testamentary history and show the traces of great cultures on this Egyptian peninsula.

The photographs were made at following locations:

St. Katherine:
The 1500 years old monastery, Basilica and church of pilgrimage of the Christians, photographs of the wall rampart with guard towers from the time of the emperor Justinian. Cloister orders and Greek monks follow the liturgy of the East-Church.

Djebel Musa (The mountain Moses):
Sunrise on the Mount Moses, photographs of the peak of the mountain, the view of the mountain and the view onto the Djebel Katherina and photographs of the daybreak.

Camp Barakat
The camp of the Bedouin family of the sheik Barakat in the desert and photographs of the residential building of the family.

Moon Beach:
The Moon Beach at the Gulf of Suez, photographs of the coast, the view to Hamman Faraun (The baths of the cursed Pharaoh), the beach at dawn, photographs of sunrise and sunset at the sea, the view over the Red Sea to Egypt onto the mountain range in front of the eastern desert.

Serabit el el Khadem:
Big excavation place and excavation field together with the ruins of the city Pelusium, an Egyptian temple of the Pharaoh from the Middle Empire, mining industry field with the promotion of turquoise and copper ore.

Small oasis with palms, willow country and watercourse right on the Sinai Peninsula.

Read Sea
Photos of lighting effects at the Red Sea, skies, clouds, water, waves and the beach with headlands and reef's, photographs at the evening and at the morning time, the coast in the evening light and morning light.

Wadi Nakhal and Wadi Tayiba:
Photos of the ride through two Wadis, cemetery of the Bedouin with the mausoleum of a sheik, trees in the desert, the Djebel Metalla, erosion forms from limestone marl.