Foto: The Bedouin with his desert limousine

The Bedouin with his desert limousine, Sinai - Camp Barakat

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L38970224 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Asia, Near East, Middle East, Egypt, Peninsula Sinai, desert, landscape, Bedouin camp, shack, small cottage, hut, rock, stone, blue sky, clouds, desert, desert sand, aridity, heat, barren land, drought, valley, wadi, erosion, road vehicle, automobiles, wreck, scrap, Arab garment galabiyya, talfia cloth, headgear, head scarf, typical dresses, portrait, man, Beduin, Bedouins, adult, cloudy, iron, painted, sunny, stony rocky, rusty, disused, damaged, far away, heat, waste, inhospitable, poor, posing, friendly, affectionate, childish, existential, elementary, indigenous, Muslim, colorful

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