Foto: The daughter of the sheik

The daughter of the sheik, Sinai - Camp Barakat

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L38970226 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Asia, Near East, Middle East, Egypt, Peninsula Sinai, desert, desert, heat, hut, shack, Bedouin camp, small cottage, entrance, doorway, door, subtropical climate, season winter, typical dresses, fashion female, dress, Arab garment galabiyya, talfia cloth, Veil, head scarf, headband, portrait, villager, face, facial expression, head, hands, indigenous people, original inhabitant, ethnic group, population, woman, girl, Egyptian, Bedouins, positioned, wrapped, decorated, sunny, graceful, friendly, heat, picturesque, strongly traditional, stylish, young, pleasant, interested, posing, shy, proud, feminine female, elementary, indigenous, fashionable, Muslim, splendid, colorful

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