Foto: The monastery wall of St. Katherine

The monastery wall of St. Katherine, Sinai - St. Katherine

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L38970109 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Asia, Near East, Middle East, Egypt, Peninsula Sinai, desert, Mount Sinai and Mount St. Catherine, landscape, wall, boulder stonework, ashlar masonry, natural stone, way, footpath, vegetation, tree trees, tree row, deciduous tree, tower, dome, sacral building, church, monastery cloister convent, pilgrimage site, subtropical climate, heat, season winter, shadow, historical architectural style, battlement, fortification, place of assembly, religion, Christianity, Greek Orthodox Church Eastern Church, sloping, isolated, ancient, built, mountainous, sunny, stony rocky, steeply, peaceful, protected, heat, towering lofty, powerful, tranquil, strongly traditional, pristine, windless, secluded, remote, known, indigenous, Greco-Orthodox, historic, Orthodox, colorful, far away

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