Foto: Brash limestone mountains

Brash limestone mountains, Sinai - Wadi Nakhal

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: L38970270 | Fotograf: Wolfgang Illner

Asia, Near East, Middle East, Egypt, Peninsula Sinai, desert, limestone, natural stone, patterns textures, nature landscape, natural scenery, environment, hill, mountains, mountain country shank, mountain top, erosion, geological formation, rock formation, desert, desert sand, aridity, heat, barren land, wasteland, panoramic view, horizon, blue sky, skyscape, clouds, subtropical climate, season winter, track, traces, wheels, sloping, barren, mountainous, cloudy, shady, steeply, stony rocky, dry, weathered, jagged rugged, rejecting, far away, heat, silent, inhospitable, pristine, secluded, broad extensiv, natural, to a large extent visible, colorful blue brown

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