Submissions by Photographers

If you want your photos professionally marketed through our image bank or online shop, you can contact us. We sell images to publishers, agencies and interested professional and private parties with transparent accounting, giving due consideration to rights issues.

Conditions for Cooperation

Please give us the opportunity to judge your work. We have to decide whether to include your photos in our image bank and which ones.


1/ In order to be able to judge your work, you have to submit at least 30 images, preferably originals. If you do not want to do that or cannot do that, then send us a CD with the selected images as a start. These images should have a resolution of 72 dpi and 1000 pixels (shortest side).

photomedia GmbH
Birkenring 11
D- 19067 Langen Bruetz, Germany

or E-mail-adress:

2/ If we have decided to accept you as a contributor, you will receive a contract detailing all relevant conditions. The signed contract will then constitute a solid basis for future cooperation.

3/ Please send us the original slides or negatives for publications. We will copy them by way of a high-res-scan. The slides or negatives will be returned by insured mail.

If you send digital images, we need the RAW data and/or processed images on CD or DVD. In addition, we need specific information as to the contents, the context of shot, location etc.

Basic Principles for the Cooperation with photomedia

We will accept your images into our image bank without charge. Expenditure for marketing, computer retouching and publication is borne by photomedia. All income, minus direct costs for dispatch and financial services fees, will be split on a 50/50 basis between the photographer and photomedia. We will send you a transparent and comprehensive income statement.

photomedia offers its images on the basis of rights-managed use and will work with you on a non-exclusive basis. In other words, you can continue to market your images yourself provided you do not offer them royalty-free.