Foto: Antebellum House

Antebellum House, United States - Charleston

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G062069509 | Fotograf: Klaus Lang

North America, US, East Coast, Charleston SC, South Carolina, The South, Old-Charleston, Old Town historic district, building around 1750, cityscape, urban, town, seaport, downtown, historical architectural style, colonial architecture, residence, American colonial history, south state charm, American history, mansion, house, building, residental building, dwellings, facade, exterior rendering, balcony, balustrade, pillar, vegetation, tree trees, deciduous tree, palm tree, sky, clouds, terrace, cloudy, painted, plasters, inviting, friendly, well-kept, tranquil, sunny, traditional, aged, indigenous, colorful, historic, splendid, round, bright, arched

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