Foto: Landing Place

Landing Place, United States - Jacksonville

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G075069605 | Fotograf: Klaus Lang

North America, US, Florida; The South, Jacksonville, cityscape, urban, skyline, town, metropolis, city centre, downtown, modern architectural style, building, multistorey building high rise, skyscraper, major centre for finance and business, office building, administration, landmark, panoramic view, Americana, facade, glass facade, glass cladding, sky, clouds, structure, pavement sidewalk, footpath, river, mooring post, shipping pier, water, vegetation, tree trees, lifestyle, built, far away, dazzling, atmospheric, impressive, altitudinarian, metropolitan, vibrant vivid, picturesque, representative, contemporary, sophisticated, colorful multi-coloured, tall, powerful, modern, splendid, to a large extent visible, cloudy, reflecting

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