Foto: Hoan Kiem Lake at night

Hoan Kiem Lake at night, Vietnam - North Vietnam - Vietnamese Landscape

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G016040175 | Fotograf: Mark Shapiro

Asia, Southeast Asia, East- Indochina, Vietnam, Hanoi, cityscape, urban, skyline, town, metropolis, seaport, downtown, historical architectural style, building, tower, sacral building, pagoda, temple, street lamp, floodlight, town-centre waters, bank, lakeside, lake, night, nightlights, street lighting, lamplight, neon lights, reflection, shadow, view onto the lake, horizon, silhouette, tropics, calm, Far Eastern culture, religion, Buddhism, illuminated, far away, floodlit, atmospheric, impressive, solemn, festive, picturesque, nightly, dazzling, reflecting, strongly traditional, stylish, tropical, windless, Asian, Vietnamese, grand, Buddhistic, dark, indigenous, luminous, to a large extent visible, colorful, vibrant vivid, multi-coloured

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