Foto: Three Vietnamese in the rice-paddy

Three Vietnamese in the rice-paddy, Vietnam - North Vietnam - Vietnamese Landscape

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G016040184 | Fotograf: Mark Shapiro

Asia, Southeast Asia, East- Indochina, Vietnam, villager, landscape, farm labour, rural, agriculture, field, paddy, paddy field, cultivation, growing, growth, plain, lowland, tropics, skilled technique, manual work, usual clothes, headgear, traditional head dress, straw hat, women, adult, countrywoman, farmhand, working woman, indigenous people, population, Vietnamese, levee, grain-growing country, grain, remote, planted, beaded, lush, farmed, peaceful, friendly, well-kept, sunny, traditional, tropical, busy, focussed, Asian, Vietnamese, workaday, elementary, indigenous, fertile, colorful green

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