Foto: Boating

Boating, Vietnam - North Vietnam - Vietnamese Landscape

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G016040239 | Fotograf: Mark Shapiro

Asia, Southeast Asia, East- Indochina, Vietnam, Ninh Binh, traffic transport, vessel, cargo, boat, rowing boat, canoe, canoe, punt pole, lifestyle, streetlife, Far Eastern culture, usual clothes, headgear, traditional head dress, straw hat, fashion female, women, adult, indigenous people, population, Vietnamese, landscape, environment, countryside, country life, mooring post, navigable waterway, canal, channel, bank reinforcement, hill, chalk cliff, limestone, geological formation, rock formation, morning light, panoramic view, water, reflection, fog, mist, tropics, calm, levee, wrapped, far away, moored, wooden, towering lofty, steeply, mountainous, misty, peaceful, foggy, reflecting, traditional, tropical, Asian, Vietnamese, workaday, indigenous, tall, to a large extent visible, colorful

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