Foto: Blue Halong Bay

Blue Halong Bay, Vietnam - North Vietnam - Vietnamese Landscape

Submit inquiry | Bild-Nr.: G016040258 | Fotograf: Mark Shapiro

Asia, Southeast Asia, East- Indochina, Vietnam, Halong Bay, nature landscape, natural scenery, environment, vegetation, tropical paradise, tree trees, sea, island, bay, coast, steep coast, chalk cliff, limestone, rock face, forbidding coastline, coastal mountain range, hill, mountain top, geological formation, rock formation, panoramic view, sea view, horizon, silhouette, blue sky, water, tropics, calmness, traffic transport, vessel, sailing boat, boat, sailing boat, superstructure, deck, sail, lifestyle, Far Eastern culture, seafaring, shipping, secluded, isolated, remote, lone, far away, moving on, towering lofty, steeply, overgrown, lush, impressive, mountainous, inviting, relaxing, friendly, peaceful, picturesque, sunny, stylish, traditional, silent, tranquil, tropical, Asian, Vietnamese, broad extensiv, known, famous, indigenous, natural, to a large extent visible, colorful

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